Township government is one of the oldest forms of government functioning in the United States today. In Illinois, the township form of government was provided for by the Illinois constitution of 1848 when residents in their respective counties were allowed to vote to establish township government.

New Lenox Township was officially established in 1850.

The powers expressly granted to New Lenox Township by State Statute include the Fair and Equal Assessment of all real estate within our jurisdiction, and Road, Bridge, and Storm Water System Maintenance outside the municipality. Based on needs demonstrated by our community, New Lenox Township also provides environmental programs, mosquito abatement, transportation services, senior housing, family, senior, and youth service programs, the administration, maintenance, and preservation of our historic Marshall and Maplewood Cemeteries, and the operation of New Lenox Township Food Pantry to supplement the food needs of citizens who are New Lenox Township residents. 

The Officials and Staff of New Lenox Township are pleased to provide you with specific information about our services, calendar, and events on this website. There are links to similar organizations' websites for your information and convenience. We intend to update this website regularly to keep it current; please feel free to give us feedback and suggestions.

New Lenox Township has enjoyed a proud heritage since 1850. Please know that today, we intend to work and keep New Lenox a Great Place to Live!

Cass Wennlund, Supervisor
Kathy Hilton, Clerk
Bonnie Hernandez, Assessor
Ron Sly, Road Commissioner

Philip Juarez, Collector
Martin Boban, Trustee
Barbara Kaupas, Trustee
Steven Friant, Trustee
Patty Deiters, Trustee