Road Commissioner

d709a8_42fbb9e8221f4c868a71ce912b9975ac_mv2Ron Sly
Road Commissioner
The primary mission of the Highway Department is to maintain Township roads in a manner, which provides safe travel for the public at a reasonable cost. The services required to provide this level of maintenance can be achieved both publicly through the efforts of the internal department staff and by securing the specialized services of private contractors.

The Highway Department currently operates with a relatively limited contingent of full time staff supplemented by an equal number of part time employees. This arrangement allows the department to not only provide baseline services throughout the year at a minimal cost to the taxpayers, but to also have the ability to increase manpower when necessary.  This allows us to meet seasonal requirements such as snow plowing and mowing of right of ways.  Staffing of this type is quite common for Highway Departments as well as other units of local government, and allows service to be provided without unduly burdening the taxpayers with unnecessary overhead.

Equally as important as this routine maintenance are the paving and contractual improvements to the roadway system.  New Lenox Township is fortunate to have the vast majority of its roadways paved with asphalt as opposed to the tar & chip or gravel roads predominate in many rural areas.  Due to its suburban nature, asphalt paving is rightfully expected.  Paving is provided by contractors specializing in roadway construction. Individual contracts for this work are routinely put out for competitive bid with the “lowest responsible bidder” receiving the award of contract.

The Township Highway Department currently maintains roughly 65 miles of roadways within the 36 square miles of New Lenox Township. These are the unincorporated roads which are not maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Will County Highway Department, or the various municipalities within the township. The City of Joliet, and the villages of New Lenox, Homer Glen and Mokena all have roadway responsibilities within their individual boundaries.

Due to the number of governmental bodies having jurisdictions within New Lenox Township, determining the appropriate agency to contact for complaints or inquiries can be confusing to the general public.  Recognizing this problem, the Township Highway Department will make every effort to assist residents in getting their concerns to the responsible agency.

The Highway Department is committed to be responsive to the needs of the residents we serve.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our office at:

Street Address

12551 Harvey Drive
New Lenox, IL 60451

Contact Information

Email roads@newlenox.org