Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption

If you are unsure about any information regarding your property, please call the office before coming in. The telephone number is 815-485-9419. Our hours are 8:00-3:30 M-Th & 8:00-3:00 Friday.

Anyone born in 1959 is eligible to apply for the Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption.  You do not have to wait until your birthday to apply. If the household income is $65,000 or less you may qualify for the Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze. Applications will be available in May 2024 in our office.  Just bring your 2023 income tax return with you. The Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption is $8,000 off of your assessed valuation.  Anyone born in 1958 or before that has not already signed up for the senior exemption, come into our office as soon as possible and we will process the necessary paper work to get the exemption added to your 2023 tax bill.  Do not delay as we have a limited time to make corrections on the 2023 tax bills.  The tax bills will be mailed out the beginning of May 2024.  These are the requirements for the senior exemption.

  •         The property must be owner occupied
  •         The property must be your primary residence
  •         At least one owner will be 65 during the tax year


The 2024 Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze applications for the 2023 income year will be available in May 2024.  The household income limit is $65,000.  Please bring all your income information to our office and we will assist you with copies and turn your paperwork over to the Will County Supervisor of Assessments Office for approval.  Remember to bring all your income information with you, i.e., 2023 Federal 1040 income tax return and or your Social Security 1099.  If you do not file a Federal 1040, then just bring all the income statements you received for 2023 and your Social Security 1099 and we will help you with the completion of the form.  These forms are due July 1, 2024.  If you think you may be eligible, bring your information in after May 1, 2024 and we will assist you with the application.  Again, we will have these forms available May 1, 2024.​

​2023 Tax Bills should be mailed out May 1, 2024.

Please read your tax bill to be sure that the exemptions are listed in the calculations.  The tax bill is the only place where you see the exemptions being applied to your property.  Please read them carefully, as we only have a limited time frame to make corrections for any missed exemptions.  If you think there is an error, please call the office as soon as possible so we can look into the matter.  Our office hours are 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Friday. The telephone number is 815-485-9419.

Bonnie Luckhart Hernandez, C.I.A.O., New Lenox Township Assessor