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  1. The New Lenox Township Jobs Board (hereinafter, the "Jobs Board") is a service provided by the New Lenox Township through its Board of Trustees for the benefit of local area employers and residents in order to facilitate job placement activity in New Lenox, IL and neighboring municipalities.
  2. Any and all job entry submissions may be amended without notification prior to publication as deemed appropriate by, and at the sole discretion of, the Jobs Board Administrator as designated by the New Lenox Township Board of Trustees.
  3. Any and all job entry submissions may be posted to, withheld, or removed from the Jobs Board or associated publications at any time as deemed appropriate by, and at the sole discretion of, the Jobs Board Administrator.
  4. No New Lenox Township Board Trustee, nor any Township employee, nor any New Lenox Township sub-contractor, nor the municipality of the New Lenox Township shall be held responsible in any way for any harm perceived, alleged, or proven to be associated with, or as the direct or indirect result of, use or misuse of the Jobs Board by any party whatsoever.
  5. By submitting this Jobs Board entry, you agree to the following additional stipulations:
    1. Any and all information provided by you as part of this Jobs Board submission is accurate, timely, and not willfully misleading in intent or substance,
    2. You are duly authorized by the employing entity you claim to represent in this submission to convey all the information that you submit on its behalf, and that you are fully aware and consent that said information may be published and accessible publicly on the Jobs Board website or other publications—printed or electronic—that are, or may become, associated with the Jobs Board purpose or activity as determined by the New Lenox Board of Trustees,
    3. You agree to receive contact from the Jobs Board Administrator or duly appointed designee by postal mail or email at any time and/or by telephone during normal business hours for the purposes of verification of the legitimacy of this Jobs Board submission. You further understand and agree that publication, denial, and/or removal of this submission from the Jobs Board is provided at the sole discretion of the Jobs Board Administrator or designee for reasons including, but not limited to, a determination by said Administrator or designee that the submission is not legitimate, is falsified, or is not reasonably verifiable,
    4. You retain the right to contest, in writing, any decision of the Jobs Board Administrator or designee regarding the publication status of this Jobs Board submission entry through postal mail to:
      New Lenox Township
      Attn: Jobs Board Administrator
      1100 S. Cedar Road
      New Lenox, IL 60451

      or by email to:

      Upon review, the Jobs Board Administrator may amend the publication status of this submission entry, retain the previously established status, or request additional information before rendering a decision.
    5. You understand and agree that every effort will be made on your part to notify the Jobs Board Administrator—as instructed through the Jobs Board submission process and without unreasonable delay on your part—when any Jobs Board entry you submit is no longer legitimate, appropriate, or valid such as when you are no longer accepting applicants for the position offered in said submission. Furthermore, you understand and agree that failure to notify the Jobs Board Administrator in a timely manner that one or more of your Jobs Board entries in no longer valid may result in denial of any or all future submission entry publications originating from the employing entity you represent .
    6. By accepting the terms hereof, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless New Lenox Township, officers, employees and agents that any claims made by any party as a result of or related to your posting.
    7. The Job Board is a service provided by New Lenox Township. Township is not the agent of and makes no representation as to any prospective employee or person who responds to any posting.




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